When I paint, I feel happy.

I do not limit myself to any set rules or restrictions. I enjoy being in a state of freedom, creativity and perpetual motion. Beyond the boundaries of time and space.

My sources of inspiration, as well as my technique, tend to change throughout the years. These days, I feel the urge to see and touch a myriad of  bright striking colors.
I intentionally avoid shapes, let alone their outline or even an allusion to them. I need to feel a straightforward contact between me and my paintings.

Whether I feel joyful and relaxed or more anxious and agitated, it does not matter. Everything is expressed within my painting: my memories, my know how (or the lack of it), the transparency and opacity of my mind…

My art has always been strongly linked to my frame of mind. At present I can no longer paint as I used to when I painted my figurative portraits, or the nature and birds of Holy Island or even still in my series « The Hidden Side of the Sun ». During that period of time my concerns where different.

Nowadays I enjoy striking colors. Like the glow radiating from a rainbow, the colours of  blooming meadow in Crete or California, with wind, rain, sun and stars. All at once.

( Translated  from french by my son Ty Luna Donate )

Antonia Donate